Wizbe Songs

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Upbeat Folk, Pop, Acoustic Rock Songs with a touch of humor. Throw David Bowie and the Kinks into a blender and have a child with Bob Dylan. Maybe some Ramones too, although I prefer the David Byrne’s Talking Heads.

Hey! That’s that’s the song. Hey. And yes, that grass is hay.

Here we have a collection of songs I’ve written, recorded, and played. These are songs you might like to listen to or sing yourself. I’m open to sharing, working together, and having a good time making music.

My name is Stan Farrell, and I’ve been playing music for a ridiculously long time, but there’s a difference between playing music and practicing music. I’ve played for over 18 years. Somewhere along the way, slowly, I came to think that maybe playing outside of the garage might be fun, and then ever so slowly, it dawned on me that maybe letting other people hear might be fun for me too. So Wizbe has well over 200 songs, and some of Wizbe Songs may possibly good. Some songs are eclectic, motivating, joking, contemplative, alternative, with some story telling. The music is a mixture of acoustic and electric, direct vocals, keyboard, and sounds that are raw and full of energy.

Wizbe continues to create in the new carpet room before taking the sounds to the world. Influences includes Ramones, John Denver, Metallica, Phil Collins, The Phantom of the Opera, Dirk Gently, Tom Petty, and because it can’t be helped, also the Beatles.  Check our albums page to see and hear our music.

Why Wizbe? Wizbe is a worm. The worm was a smart worm who first worked in a Chinese restaurant before becoming an inventor. The worm worked on a space ship, a remote controlled boomerang, and a robot. He lived happily ever after. Listen to the worm.

Hanging with My Buddies
Love this one….That’s Her Story