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3 Chord Song

12 Bars blues

Key of G, I 4,5

5,4,5,1 turnaround

I walk into a bar to get some relief

Listen to some music and it happens to be

Open mike night with my friends on stage

I ask if I can join them and they make some space

Now I have to figure out what to do

When I don’t know very many tunes

Give me those 3 chords, That’s all I’ve got

All I need to make it rock

12 bar blues that everyone knows

Give me those three chords and we’ll rock and roll

We can jam all night long

With a simple 3 chord song

It’s not hard, the way it should be

Count to 4 before moving to C

Hold it there for a count of 2

We all know what to do

Jamming groovy songs all night long

Making sure everyone feels they belong

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