(Words & Music by Stan) Music is recorded at Wizbe Studios (Not too far away from Abbey Road) Listen on Spotify


That’s Her Story

Looks out the window blinded by snow
She’d rather stay in bed but the dog must be fed
That’s her story, only queen in her head
Looks into the sky Tries not to sigh
The day is gray but that’s okay
That’s her story, she sees a better way
Don’t let the days get you down
Sunny times will come around
Don’t let the days get you down
Because you’ll see a little spot of sunshine
Through the clouds above
She dreams of the fun when the winters done
Laughs at the thought of being too hot
That’s her story, Queen of all that she’s got
Puts on her coat and goes outside
Pretends she’s on a roller coaster ride
Wind blasts down as she tries to hide
From the cold that’s getting old
Don’t let the days get you down
Sunny times will come around
Don’t let the days get you down
Because you’ll see a little spot of sunshine Through the clouds above


You’re Swell

This boat ‘has been wonderful. And it hasn’t been on the water in years. This is my love song, and explains what I want in a relationship. It’s great to have someone who can be themselves around you and you be you around them.
I like you because you tell me when I have spinach in my teethYou’ll let me know if I have a big green buggers on my cheekThere’s no one else that I would like to beStuck in a small boat in the ocean with me
So carpe diem nowHave to tell you somehowGuess I’ll just say it out loudI think you’re swellI think you’re swell I don’t know if you agree or notI like you with me you really rockI want to get a tattoo that says I love youCarve it in our foreheads, wear it proudly until we’re dead(That sounds okay)
I like you because you like to eat stale crackers with your teaSometimes you fart and wake yourself up when you’re asleepDo you want to go on a sailing trip with meIn a small boat with built in 1973
So carpe diem nowHave to tell you somehowGuess I’ll just say it out loudI think you’re swellI think you’re swell

Conversation Killer

I don’t know anyone like this. Do you? As we were driving one day, Helene said “he’s really a Conversation Killer” And that’s how it started. I just love saying that…Conversation killer. Crazy. Cool.

Say you’re Sorry for interruptingBut you need to say somethingHave to say it right nowWasn’t listening anyhow
Conversation killerThat’s what you areConversation killerTaking it too far
If it’s not your idea then it’s dumbSkip all the discussions because it’s doneThe world is black and white unless it’s greyThen you have nothing to say
See it as a test of willsArguing is your sport for thrillsWinning points at all costsYou’re the champ if the other’s lost
Making noise raise your voiceBabble on about having choiceTalk as if you’re enragedOr just pretend to not engage



It’s true. That’s all there is to say. Just kidding. I can always say more. This song might be a little sarcastic (what! no!) but I also like the idea of being able to be completely yourself. And if it takes a little headphone in your ear to make you feel comfortable to be, then go for it.
NobodyNobody can hear me singWhen I have my headphones inI can dance I can screamI’m invisibleSinging out loudAnywhere I go, No one can hear me no, no, no no
NobodyNobodyNobody can hear me nowSinging my songs really loudI’m singing rock and rollThat’s where I want to goSo let’s go to the show, let’s go, go, go go.
Dancing down the streetYou might be right thereI wouldn’t skip a beatBecause I don’t really careI have my headphones in my earThe world around me disappears
Don’t over think itJust having a little funYou know where you can stick itIf you think I’m doneNobody can hear me nowNo one listens anyhow

Have a Drink on Me

Look to your left, look to your rightMake sure everyone’s happy tonightThe day’s getting late and the sun’s going downThe funs about to start in this party town
Have a drink on meHave a drink on me
Just getting going and we’re staying lateHaving fun we’re doing greatNow it’s time to drink it downTime to have another round
This is as good as it getsBeer, the friends, no regretsLife is good, and I’m glad I’m hereEnough sappy lines it’s time for a beer
What’s your passion, let’s get it outAles and porter, I like a good stoutFriends are here and we’re doing alrightLet’s get going aAnd celebrate tonight


Old Boat

For a boat I can’t fix, this old O’Day 17 sailboat has been an inspiration for some songs. It’s just sitting there. I had such high hopes. I spent my childhood sailing around the ocean and lake with this boat. But fixing boats may be over my skill set. I’ll just sing about it instead. When I was young I’d be out in the water singing songs to myself. I used to sing a chant when the wind was dying “The wind is dying, the wind is dying, but before you go, can you take me home.”
Got an old boat in our yardNeed to fix the rudder and that’s hardWife tells me I need to pick it upBefore she calls the garbage truck
Going to fix that boat somedayThen I’m going to sail awaySail away, Sail awayThen I’m going to sail away
Wish I knew how to sail a boatI’ll put her in the water and I’ll goTravel down the coast in a nice breezeThen I’ll jibe out into the seas

I want to sail awayMaybe I will somedaySo nice here in the sunDreaming of the day she’s done
The places we see, I don’t knowMaybe that’s why we never goLots of work to fix her upI stare at her with another beer in my cup


What’s not to love? Now I’ll have to write songs about my other favorites…I could write a song about crepes, but that’s a little challenging.
I had my first taste when I was a childSo incredible that I went wildThe taste, the flavorI did what I could to savorEvery biteSuch a delightNow I’m older I still knowNothing taste better than a taco I’ve got leftovers I have to eatIt’s been in my fridge for over a weekDon’t want to waste itSo I’m gonna bake it
And put it in my tacoPut it in my tacoPut it in my taco
Don’t think about what’s insideThe shell is there for us to hideWhatever it is I’m sure it will be fineFrom chicken to steak to fish to stir fry
Hey, What’s happening here?Is the taco winner of the sandwich of the yearI don’t think so, because the Taco aint no sandwich and nothing, no nothing is so fineAs a tacoAs a taco
And just like that we have our dinnerFeeling fat and like we’re winnersAdd some sauce and it’s ready to goBecause everything is better in a Taco

I Miss My Guitar

It’s hard to write a song about missing your guitar without a guitar. This song is one of those that just came out done. And yes, I was on vacation. I do have a hard time not playing guitar for a day. So a whole vacation without a guitar is challenging. Someday I’ll make a real portable guitar.
On vacationFar from homeLeft my loveAll alone
I’ll be back soonPlaying againFeel the pleasureIn my hands
I miss my guitarWish it was with meI miss my guitarPlaying makes me happy
Strum a chordFeel the soundSmile a bitPlay around
Learn a songSing a verseI could thinkOf something worseDoesn’t matter what style I playAcoustic, electric, ukuleleStrumming chords or lead guitarMakes me happy to make a bar


I’ve always wondered about television sitcoms where the people talk in these witty words and everyone hears everything and no one needs time to contemplate the words before they say something witty back. My house is not like that. “What” basically summarizes how my conversations go. Nothing is actually said and no one actually listens. That sounds so sad.
What, WhatWhat did you say?What, WhatWhat did you say?
I wasn’t listening to what you saidI had other thoughts in my headI should have paid attentionI should have beenBut I wasn’t Listening
I’m so sorry I didn’t hearCould you say it again when I am nearMaybe there’s wax in my earMaybe your words weren’t really clear
I was thinking about what I would sayAfter you stopped gabbing awayNow you have a choice,Repeat yourself or listen to my voice
If people listened more than they talkedAnd those who talked stopped for thoughtMaybe we stop being turds
I didn’t hear, and clearly it’s youRepeat yourself so I can understand youMaybe you’re mumbling, maybe you’re notMaybe I heard, but I still say whatMake you repeat yourself because I canKind of annoying, I know I am
What, WhatWhat did you say?What, WhatWhat did you say?I wasn’t really listening anyway.


Autobiographical. It sounds like I have it so rough between waiting around all the time and no one listening.

Hmm Hmm HmhmmmmHmm Hmm Hmhmmmm
Wasting my timeWaiting for youWasting my time That’s what I do
That’s what Im good at doingEvery day I am choosingSpend my timewandering aroundWaiting, wasting my time On you
Checking your textFinding your keys Closing the doorDon’t know what’s next
So much time on my handsAs I’ve been waiting for youI wrote a song about waiting too longWaiting, waiting, waitingWhere are you!?
Stop for a snackTalk with a friendCheck the weatherBe right back
I’m out the doorYou’re lying on the floorWhat are you doingCan’t tell anymore
I’m waiting around for youI’ll keep waiting until you’re through
I pick you upYou’re not thereFinally showDon’t seem to care

You’ve Got This

I’ve got to hurry to move this thing alongI’ve prepared for this, I’ve waited too long I just hope I remember my songYou’ve got this. You were meant to be Just do this, you’ll be fineYou’ve got this, so take a breathPeople are coming, do they know where they areSome are happy, sitting in the barI hope they listen without running too farI am thinking, way too muchJust listen to what you’re going to doHave some fun, singing some songs
You’ve got this. You were meant to be Just do this, you’ll be fineYou’ve got this, so take a breath
Hi Frank, Nice to see youMark my man, how do you do?All my friends, and some crazy drunks too
You’ve got this. You were meant to be Just do this, you’ll be fineYou’ve got this, so take a breath
All right fellows, we’ve made a good startYou’re still here and I remembered my partsLet’s do this, and have a great night

Behind the Curtain

My imagination is running freeSometimes it’s better to let it beI’ve got to go, so I may never know
What’s behind the curtain?What’s behind the curtain?
Maybe there’s a monster playing houseOur a beautiful woman wearing a blouseCould it be a tree, falling over me?I may never know
Like a crashing plate in a restaurantYou have to look or it will haunt You for the rest of the nightNever be alright
Pandora’s box is realYou’re imagining what I feelYou can ever put it backAfter you open it up a crackTake a look and see
I could pull it back to seeBut then we lose the mystery of
Wizard of Oz knew what to doTo catch the attention of his crewHide in plain sightAnd no one ever knew

Wide Open

I don’t need to goAny particular placeSo let’s stick around and seeWhat’s it going to be
Maybe we can head on downHang out with our friends in townDoesn’t matter what we doI’ll stick around with you.
Wide openLet’s just wait and see, the future is Wide openHard to see anything
We’re together to have some funTomorrow comes when it comesStars are out and we’re alrightLet’s have a blast tonight
Now we got a little timeTo chill out for a whileWe don’t have to go anywhereTonight we just don’t care

Faster than a Speeding Train

Faster than a Speeding train You have to be a insaneRunning as fast as you canNo one has to understandWhy you run the way you doRun the way you do
World goes by in a flashEvery second has to lastRun away run awayLike a speeding train
Nothing feels so good as you run on byFeeling happy just to be outside, you can fly
Wind is blowing through your hair Breathing in the fresh airAll your worries disappear, disappear
Let the worries of the day fall behindBrush away the stress and say goodbye, goodbye

Wild About Outside

Take a little walk in the afternoon

Clear my head and pretty soonMy worries are gone and I’m singing a tune
I’m wild about being outsideClear my brain and helps me findA little piece of my mind
Every now and then I’ll get to walkingGo a little ways and I’m not stoppingFeet keep moving and then I’m rocking
I wonder how far I can goOnly one way for me to knowFind the end of my rainbow

Keep the Conversation Going

How are you?Doing good thank you.Looks like weather is comingAre you ready for something?
Keep the conversation goingKeep the conversation going

How’s your familyAny travel lately?Work is going fineAny vacation time Fighting to get through the shellSometimes it’s hard to tellWhat to say or doGet past the how are you
Awkward Silence
Do you really want to learn about what’s inside?It’s easier to stay on the surface and hideDigging deeper try to careYou may find there’s nothing there.