The Chords of Awesomeness

I V vi IV I’ve always loved Red Hot Chili Peppers, and of course their Under the Bridge song, so as a songwriter I took some time to evaluate it. Turns out to be the same chords and chord progression as zillions of other awesome songs with that progression and zillions of more that take the same 4 chords and switch it up a bit. There’s a wikipedia page about that (of course there is: )

However, the Chili Peppers do add a few extra surprises…a couple extra bars after the chorus to say “ya ya ya”. I’m not sure why that works but it obviously does. And the guitar intro that uses the notes in E, is beautiful. I also like how the sound is crisp and builds to the chorus then holds you there. Always one of my favorites.

I’ve used this chord progression myself a lot…probably the most obvious song is my “I Need a Song” song, where I used this chord progression sort of ironically. When I play live and I forget what to do next…go with what works. I V vi IV. It works. It sounds good.

Different Ways to Profit from Songs

Digital distributor: sound recordings

Publisher administrator for mechanical royalties –many distributors do this

Performance rights organization BMI

Youtube royalties through publisher admin.

Physical product: CDBABY, Tunecore, etc.

Syncronization licensing: cdbaby

Soundexchange-collects from non-terrestrial sources like satellite radio

Need BMI-can also can do through CDBABY pro, or if not pro then do on your own


June 5, 2020. A new version of one of my oldest songs is being released on June 5, 2020., called “Got My Guitar”. It’s a song about how I started playing music. Listen on Spotify, Apple, Deezer, or whatever platform you like.

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This is my guitar playing genesis story in a bluesy rock style, and is one of my favorites to play live. “Got my Guitar” can get the crowds joining in for the chorus. We may not have a clue, but somehow time keeps traveling on. The rhythmic strumming and jumpy chorus makes a good listen. Join me for the online release celebration on my social media pages and, of course, on Spotify. Thank you so much! Wizbe


Today is the day. Listen to our newest Wizbe Release.

3 Chord Song

12 Bars blues

Key of G, I 4,5

5,4,5,1 turnaround

I walk into a bar to get some relief

Listen to some music and it happens to be

Open mike night with my friends on stage

I ask if I can join them and they make some space

Now I have to figure out what to do

When I don’t know very many tunes

Give me those 3 chords, That’s all I’ve got

All I need to make it rock

12 bar blues that everyone knows

Give me those three chords and we’ll rock and roll

We can jam all night long

With a simple 3 chord song

It’s not hard, the way it should be

Count to 4 before moving to C

Hold it there for a count of 2

We all know what to do

Jamming groovy songs all night long

Making sure everyone feels they belong

Are You Ready for More Music?

Wizbe is about to release a new song. 3/31/2020. This song is about a time and place where meeting socially and hanging with friends was acceptable. We shall return to those simple glory days, and when we do. Wizbe will play.

3 Chord Song. listen on Spotify. Search for Wizbe. We’re the only one.

Video release NOON 3/31/2020