All Out of Beer, Covid Cry Single Release

Random Music Single Release October 7th.

I wasn’t going to. My daughter said I shouldn’t. I want to. I thought about it, then decided that the purpose of music is to have fun, so if I can’t have fun with my songs, I should go into accounting*.

You might not be able to tell, but this song uses the song structure of “All Out Love” by Air Supply. It’s much different, but the structure is the same.

I don’t even drink that much**, but I enjoy a drink once in a while. I’m part of a super cool beer group, Frosty Bottom Brew. Roy is the guy in charge. So when you get to that part of the song, you’ll understand that. He makes and delivers the beer, with help from his friends.

I even have a video almost done. Stay tuned. It’s coming.

(*Nobody enjoys accounting. Some people may get satisfaction from it. Some people may like what it allows them to do (track/make money), but NO ONE enjoys it. If you do, let me know, and I’ll write a song about how you’re lying to yourself.)

(** Ya sure! That’s what every drunk says!)

Do You Dare? Title Track Inspired by Elton John

Do You Dare?

The Title track, “Do You Dare?” Was inspired by a discussion about what it takes to be noticed. Friends were talking about what it takes to be noticed for your music. Bob suggested “Putting on large red sunglasses, bright yellow shirt, and pink pants and walking around town with a sign.” That would get attention. And after you decide what it takes, do you dare to do it? What happens after you get off the couch to get your dreams and you fall flat? Do you sit back down in “loserville”? Or do you have the guts to stand up again?   And the so the question comes, Do You Dare?

Preparing Do You Dare Album

I had 35 songs this year. I’ve paired it down to 26 songs. Now, I’m putting on the finishing touches and preparing the album. This year’s album is called “Do You Dare?” I have shirts, stickers, and the album on their way.


Get your T-shirt while they last! Grey or gray. You’re choice, although I think in reality they are called “gravel”? These t-shirts are for the new album coming out this year “Do You Dare?” 20+ songs. AND a cool t-shirt. Oh ya. The cds won’t be ready for another month or so, but the t-shirts are here now. Pretty cool, huh? For now, email me to order. Or use the PayPal button below. Let me know your size, small, medium, large, and XL.


Predictions for Election 2020

Election Prediction. You heard it here: The President will call fraud in the 2020 election after losing the popular vote by 12 million votes. The Supreme court will deny his fraud charge, and he will fight that and say they are wrong. Will America’s government be strong enough to handle this? We will see.

The Chords of Awesomeness

I V vi IV I’ve always loved Red Hot Chili Peppers, and of course their Under the Bridge song, so as a songwriter I took some time to evaluate it. Turns out to be the same chords and chord progression as zillions of other awesome songs with that progression and zillions of more that take the same 4 chords and switch it up a bit. There’s a wikipedia page about that (of course there is: )

However, the Chili Peppers do add a few extra surprises…a couple extra bars after the chorus to say “ya ya ya”. I’m not sure why that works but it obviously does. And the guitar intro that uses the notes in E, is beautiful. I also like how the sound is crisp and builds to the chorus then holds you there. Always one of my favorites.

I’ve used this chord progression myself a lot…probably the most obvious song is my “I Need a Song” song, where I used this chord progression sort of ironically. When I play live and I forget what to do next…go with what works. I V vi IV. It works. It sounds good.

Different Ways to Profit from Songs

Digital distributor: sound recordings

Publisher administrator for mechanical royalties –many distributors do this

Performance rights organization BMI

Youtube royalties through publisher admin.

Physical product: CDBABY, Tunecore, etc.

Syncronization licensing: cdbaby

Soundexchange-collects from non-terrestrial sources like satellite radio

Need BMI-can also can do through CDBABY pro, or if not pro then do on your own