Do You Dare? Title Track Inspired by Elton John

Do You Dare?

The Title track, “Do You Dare?” Was inspired by a discussion about what it takes to be noticed. Friends were talking about what it takes to be noticed for your music. Bob suggested “Putting on large red sunglasses, bright yellow shirt, and pink pants and walking around town with a sign.” That would get attention. And after you decide what it takes, do you dare to do it? What happens after you get off the couch to get your dreams and you fall flat? Do you sit back down in “loserville”? Or do you have the guts to stand up again?   And the so the question comes, Do You Dare?

Different Ways to Profit from Songs

Digital distributor: sound recordings

Publisher administrator for mechanical royalties –many distributors do this

Performance rights organization BMI

Youtube royalties through publisher admin.

Physical product: CDBABY, Tunecore, etc.

Syncronization licensing: cdbaby

Soundexchange-collects from non-terrestrial sources like satellite radio

Need BMI-can also can do through CDBABY pro, or if not pro then do on your own

Are You Ready for More Music?

Wizbe is about to release a new song. 3/31/2020. This song is about a time and place where meeting socially and hanging with friends was acceptable. We shall return to those simple glory days, and when we do. Wizbe will play.

3 Chord Song. listen on Spotify. Search for Wizbe. We’re the only one.

Video release NOON 3/31/2020