Welcome to Wizbe

Over 18 years of music from Wizbe with well over 200 songs. Some of Wizbe Songs might possibly be good. Some songs are eclectic, motivating, joking, contemplative, alternative, with some story telling. The music is a mixture of acoustic and electric, direct vocals, keyboard, and sounds that are raw and full of energy. 

Why Wizbe? Wizbe is a worm. The worm was a smart worm who first worked in a Chinese restaurant before becoming an inventor. The worm worked on a spaceship, a remote controlled boomerang, and a robot. He lived happily ever after. Listen to the worm.

Stan Farrell is the name used for the members of Wizbe. Eddie has traveled through the United States and Europe, with small excursions to Canada and Mexico. Sometimes people listened to Wizbe songs, sometimes they cheered. 

Wizbe continues to create in the new carpet room before taking the sounds to the world. Influences include Grateful Dead, Metallica, Meatloaf, Phil Collins, Dylan, Queen, Hank Williams, and The Phantom of the Opera.  Listen. See what you think. Tell Wizbe what you think.