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Unique, creative view of the Universe. If Ford Prefect had a band, this would be it.

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Wizbe is a Singer-Songwriter with Rock Roots and Indie Folk Side. Wizbe tells stories.

Stan Farrell makes music under Wizbe. With over 18 years of music from Wizbe with well over 200 songs, and some of Wizbe Songs may possibly be good. Some songs are eclectic, motivating, joking, contemplative, alternative, with some story telling. The music is a mixture of acoustic and electric, direct vocals, keyboard, and sounds that are raw and full of energy.

Why Wizbe? Wizbe is a worm. The worm was a smart worm who first worked in a Chinese restaurant before becoming an inventor. The worm worked on a spaceship, a remote controlled boomerang, and a robot. He lived happily ever after. Listen to the worm.

Stan Farrell is Wizbe. Stan has traveled through the United States and Europe, with small excursions to Canada and Mexico. Sometimes people listened to Wizbe songs, sometimes they cheered.

Wizbe continues to create in the songwriting studio carpeted room before taking the sounds to the world. Influences include Grateful Dead, Metallica, Meatloaf, Phil Collins, and The Phantom of the Opera. Listen. See what you think. Tell Wizbe what you think.

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Wizbe Songs Skiing in Summer Hike


Stan of Wizbe with an acoustic performance

Stan Farrell has made appearances at many venues. Here’s Stan at Frosty Bottom Brewery’s annual pig roast opening up for Electric Bonfire. Photo by John of Electric Bonfire.



Live at Frosty Bottom Brewery

Music Magic. It starts with a note. This is Stan of Wizbe.

Because more people are playing now than the rest of history combined, and a larger percentage of people are making music, the music magic is returning. Music is coming back to the people. And when music comes back to the people the magic will begin to flow to make the world more amazing than ever.


The Magic of Music

Magic comes from the combination of things that become greater than the parts. Music is magic, and humans knew that music could be used to do magical things. Everyone was a musician and with that everyone was connected. 

The ability to use that magic was lost as the power of the music has been usurped by the powerful; first the church, then the nations and the dictators (kings), and now corporations who run the mega-bands that push us to believe that only “musicians” should make music, and the rest of the world should just listen to what their selling.  But that is beginning to change through the democratization of the way music is recorded, distributed, found, and listened to. Anyone can participate. And everyone is. Music is the hope for everyone to create something bigger than themselves.  






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What Does Your Band Name Mean?

Wizbe is from a story I wrote in 4th grade about Wizbe the Worm. He was a scientist and inventor.  I’ve started and owned Wizbe Cafe, Wizbe Innovations, Wizbe Industries, and Wizbe Songs. I don’t have a daughter named Wizbe, and my dog’s name is not Wizbe either.

Who inspired you to make music?
Over the years, inspiration has come from lots of different places. My brother and I played music together quite a bit over the years. I try to make his heavy metal but mine just comes out like a wasp in a hail storm. I had a great roommate in school, Mark, that inspired me to pick up the guitar. There’s also inspiring music from everyone around me. Lately, it’s been a group of guys getting together and talking music and music making.


Who Are Your Biggest Influences?

My biggest influences depend on the day. The great thing about music is that every song is relatively short so each song can have a different influence. So I can make one song under the influence of the Beatles and my next song influenced by the Violent Femmes. I can be Tom Petty for 3 minutes and then Barry Manilow. Even within songs, I may mash a Johnny Cash with a Bob Dylan or steal a chord progression from the Grateful Dead and sing Aerosmith on top of that. It’s really fluid. And it all comes down to being open and listening to as much music as possible.


What’s Your Songwriting Process?

The songwriting process varies and very few songs are written the same way. Recently, it’s been starting with song titles, but not always. Sometimes the song will start as a song about “closing time”, but end up with a different title. This always annoys me because I save my written songs on my computer with the title of the song, but my working title and the final title may change, so then I can’t find the song when I look back to find it. Ok, that’s not that hard to do, but I suffer so. Suffering is important as a musician right?


Who Do You Sound Like?

I’ve been told that when I’m live it’s a lot like the Ramones or the Violent Femmes, maybe talking heads, but I think what they are saying is that I can have a chunky first beat that I like. I used to try to move towards these certain types of music, but I could never get there. Once I spent a lot of time trying to make a cover of Tom Petty’s Free Falling. I sounded like a really bad version of Tom Petty. I couldn’t pull it off, so it was a good moment for me to see that I make a better me than I do a Tom Petty or Barry Manilow. If I could sing better, I’d go more towards Queen music. If I could do better metaphors I’d move towards Bob Dylan. So I’m me. Isn’t that what we all want to be?

Wizbe. Speaks.

What first got you into music?

Playing music was with me forever. And that’s the case with almost everybody. Music is the concept that you are aware of the universe around you. At first I was told that I was terrible. Who the duck tells anyone that!? It happens….like “don’t quit your day job.” I bet the insults even happens when you’re Joe Strummer. But. like Joe,  I have to make music. I do have to make. I still can’t figure out why. I don’t have any idea why I have to make music. I can make other stuff for a while, but I always come back to it. Music is what I make when I’m sitting at an airport or bus terminal. It’s what I do that keeps me up at night. It drives me crazy. I’m laying in bed in up pops some lyrics or a melody. It’s there until I write it down. It took a long time before I decided to see where the music would take me. I was spending a lot of time on this music stuff anyway, so why not learn to be better at it? So I started learning for real. And that’s when my music started to improve. And that’s when I started sharing with the world. I strummed. I hummed. It wasn’t until years had gone by that I said to myself. Let’s do this for real.

Wizbe is playing live. Contact Stan at wizbesongs@gmail.com to schedule.




Playing at the Harlow in Hallowell Maine. Ben on Bass, Stan on Guitar, Teb on cajones, and Bob on Harmonica playing “Stick with the Blues”